Leslie P. García, Author

Leslie P. Garcia began writing for publication in the first grade, when her grade school principal posted her first story, “Ricky and Tricky’s Christmas” on the school’s main bulletin board and read it over the intercom. That same year, she sold a short poem to a short-lived publication called Kids, which paid $1.50 for the last rhyming poem she ever wrote.

After that auspicious start, Leslie continued writing with little success other than an impressive collection of rejections from publications including Playboy, which she queried at thirteen, because that magazine was recognized for it’s literature as well as other content—and would have paid an astronomical $2,000.00 had her story on a shakeup of Heaven been successful.

Since, Leslie sold to McCall’s, Cat Fancy, Grit, Touch, and other publications, many of which no longer exist. In 2013, she sold the first of 4 full length romances to start-up Crimson Romance. When Simon & Schuster bought out Crimson Romance, they retained rights to Unattainable, Wildflower Redemption, His Temporary Wife, and A Love Beyond.

In addition to her traditionally published romances, Leslie joined a group of writers who went #1worldwide on Amazon for Cowboy Up, had several other Amazon bestsellers with the “Cowboy” group, and has self-published several other titles.

For twenty-two years she taught, mostly first grade, worked on a dude ranch, and as an insurance clerk and travel agent. She holds a masters’ degree in English from Texas A&M International and is bilingually certified to teach in Spanish as well as English. She has also tutored English at the college level, and mentors The Saturday Gang/Write Now International, a local group of writers who meet twice a month to work on their craft and pursue writing dreams.

Most importantly, she raised four children, all teachers, is involved in the lives of nine grandchildren, and is the human mother of three clingy dogs, a cat who assumes he’s a dog, and an assassin cat accidentally named after the granddaughter who rescued her.

Perhaps her biggest single regret is that she no longer has horses.

Beta Reading, Editing, Writing Support

Leslie would love to hear from readers or site visitors. You can comment on the site, or contact me through Social Media–although, full disclosure, I’m not “on” social media as often as I probably should be.



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