Summer Of Love Giveaway Comes to South Texas


Be sure to comment on this post or any other page for a chance to enter! Also–I will award two extra prizes to two visitors who left comments between May 1 and May 8! Good luck!

That Summer Read

Summer joys…barefoot days at the beach. Crushes and flirtations. Time to live, and to read those can’t-put-down books that sometimes blind you to everything else, but are a part of your life. Now, you can bring it all together during the Summer of Love Giveaway. Win baskets of books that will you feed your cravings all summer, along with gift cards, Kindles, beach totes—myriad gifts all designed to make your summer perfect.

Being included in this year’s Summer of Love does my heart good. I began as a summer reader, winning the city-wide Summer Reading Award of Douglasville, GA when I was six. 137 books, and the librarian wouldn’t let me count Patsy Gray’s Galloping Gold more than once. I read every horse book Douglas County had, then dog books, and airplane books—and I hate airplanes. I didn’t read any romance—seems they didn’t have any for first graders. But that award carried me through until the summer I read Rosemary Roger’s Sweet, Savage Love—and the rest, as they say, is history.

`               This summer, I hope you find a new author, a new subgenre, or a new go-to book you’ll read and reread. I hope you win in our giveaway, and have a wonderful summer. Go to the beach if you can. Read a lot. Love more. Live—and let summer happen.

Author’s Note: Remember to comment! I used to sit on my black Shetland pony, Smokey, and read horse stories. Now I write western romance–and there may be a horse or two involved. If you’d like, check out the page for Always the Moon, my poetry book–I’ll post a poem about summer to magnify the mood. (Does anyone need summer to be magnified?)

Thanks for coming by!




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