This Writer’s (Well-traveled) Road: Cait O’Sullivan

taming-001 Today I’m honored to have author Cait O’Sullivan visiting us from her home in London.  Cait will fill us in on her world travels, set me straight on whether or not she’s madly in love with the sea and it’s pirate lore.  Glad you could join us today, Cait!

Hi Leslie, thanks so very much for having me on your blog today!! I’m thrilled to be here.

Before we go too far, Cait, how about telling us a little about yourself–a bit of a biography.

I’m a divorced mum of two beautiful girls and live in London. As a child I used to climb a big apple tree in the garden (in Limerick, Ireland) at 6am and sit and read my books as the sun came up. I never thought I’d be the one writing the books when I grew up and feel immensely grateful that I am. Writing has become a bit of an obsession with me, if I don’t get my fix (as in school holidays and the like) look out world. You know sexual frustration? I get creating frustration!!

You were born in Ireland, live in England, but you’ve traveled a lot?  Where haven’t you gone you really want or need to go—personally, or as a writer?

Well, currently I’m doing draft III of the first fantasy novel in a trilogy – yup I know, a big departure from writing romance. And that’s really where I needed to go as a writer. Personally? Heck there are a whole heap of places I need to go. Africa, India, Canada as new places, but also want to revisit New Zealand and North America. New York I want to see. I could go on, you know…

Cait, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought when I first started seeing you on blogs that you might have a fascination with the sea. Do I notice a bit of pirate dialect creeping into some of your blog conversations, or is that your native Irish lilt creeping into your conversations?

Native Irish lilt, I can’t help it I’m afeared :). I don’t realize it, it’s only afterwards that I notice it’s phrased in a different way. Interestingly enough, it is generally backwards, such as ‘the sea, why do you want to ask me about that?’ as opposed to ‘why do you want to ask me about the sea?’ and I recently found out that it is because Gaelic scans like that. So it’s in my blood. Hence I can’t change it. I like to introduce early enough that there is some Irish blood somewhere, just in case someone is perceptive (like you Leslie!) enough to pick it up!! As regards your question about the sea, nope, I haven’t written about it, but simply because I don’t think I’m worthy enough to do so. A quote I love from PB Shelley:

‘I see the Deep’s untrampeled floor,

With green and purple seaweed strown;

I see the waves upon the shore,

Like light dissolved in star-showers, thrown.

I just so love that last line!! Anyway, with beautiful verses like that out there about The Sea, The Sea, how could I possibly do it justice?

Hope I didn’t put you on the spot, Cait.  I know you wrote Romancing the Sea, and I heard a few ‘mateys’ and ‘arghs’ here and there in interviews, so I thought you might share my love of the sea–which is why I live in dry, landlocked south Texas.  And if I can tell a quick story about Irish lilt–my father had an Irish friend, Bog Gogarty–not really a handsome man, but leprechaun cute–and my sister and I had huge crushes because of his lilt!  And the funny thing–he had a gorgeous, too young English wife named Lesley, and we thought she hung the moon when we weren’t being jealous teenagers. Technically, she was a teenager, too–19–but she was older than us!  But I’m sorry–I digress. 

 Your next release, Taming the Tango Champion, promises to be a sultry reunion between Londoner Ava Whittaker and tango champ turned dance show judge Matthias de Romero of Argentina.  What intrigued you most about this relationship, this story?

The whole cross continent relationship, really. When I traveled, I was very protective of my heart because to be honest, I didn’t want to fall in love with someone who lived continents apart from me. Having said that, I don’t think it gets any more romantic than love across oceans. So that was what I wanted to explore a bit more deeply. The single mum story too was very close to my heart as I know how it feels and so wanted to write something meaningful to me. You’ll spot the parts that were written when I had had that particular experience, the scene with the risotto for example. Taming the Tango Champion started as my second book, then put away whilst I write book 3 & 4, then dusted down, edited, finished and edited. So parts are written from different times of my life. I can see them all played out.

 What’s ahead down the road?  Are any particular projects demanding your attention?

Fantasy fantasy fantasy. I’m so very excited that I’ve written my first one and am now trying to do the story justice by telling it the best way I can.

How difficult has the road to publication been to this point, and what has surprised you most by where you are and how you got here?

It wasn’t that tough so far, although I had shelved Romancing the Seas—the first book I wrote—thinking there was no point in trying to sell it. But a lovely and dear friend of mine sent me the link to a publisher and then hey presto, they liked it. What surprised me most was the wonderful support, motivation and encouragement I received from anyone in the writing world, whether it be critique partners or writing groups, or groups of writers belonging to publishers, the energy has been wonderful and I feel really privileged to be a part of it. Thanks all!

 What do you hope readers who have read Taming the Tango Champion—or any of your books—will look for in your future works?

A certain sense of style in the way I write. I don’t know what it is, so I can’t tell you!!! I’d like to think there’s humour in my writing, along with the occasional truth that gets people thinking. Maybe J I can hope hey!!

Tell us something I forgot or didn’t know to ask you—something deep, or silly, or funny—just something you want us to know about Cait O’Sullivan that we don’t know.

I’ve just fallen in love with the most amazing man on the planet J. How zat to finish off a romance interview!!

Pretty perfect, if you ask me!  Cait, thanks so much for coming by, and I hope Taming the Tango Champion is a huge success!  Good luck with your fantasy series–we’ll be looking forward to those, too.



One dance is never enough.

London TV presenter, Ava Whittaker, has a baby by twice-former Argentine Tango Champion Matthias de Romero. The problem? He doesn’t know. Fast forward two years and Matthias is the judge on a new dance show where Ava is a contestant. But time hasn’t healed the wound of discovering he was engaged during their tryst whilst on holiday in the Andes, and although she’s still in love with Matthias, she carefully guards her secret…and her heart.

Still in search of answers on why Ava walked out on him while staying at his ranch two years ago, Matthias takes a place as a judge on To Dance or Not to Dance. But seeking answers only creates more questions for Matthias.

Will the glitterball–and her secret–cause their intense feelings to burn out or fan further the flames of desire?


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Cait O’Sullivan has a deep love of words, music and magic, having had the good fortune to grow up in Ireland. The wanderlust in her blood sent her out to travel the world and now, residing in a leafy suburb of London, it is her thoughts and memories that journey far and wide in order to create her stories.

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  1. Great interview Cait! Love the title and cover. And it sounds like you will be inspired to write more romances with the new love in your life. Exciting times! Congrats on the new love and book!


  2. Hi, Cait! Haven’t seen you around lately? You been hiding? I think I read some of this in a crit? Love the cover!


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