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Robyn (2)  Today I’m excited to have Robyn Neeley visit us here along The Writer’s Road.  Robyn’s romantic comedy caught by eye in part because the hero has a brother–a twin brother–and who doesn’t find twins endlessly fascinating?  One of Robyn’s answers in particular caught my attention, because ‘day’ jobs, even when they represent financial survival and personal satisfaction, often do put some of our dreams on hold.  How do you work around them or include them in your own quests to meet your goals?  Meet Robyn Neeley, and please be sure to check out Rio Round Up more about Destination Wedding to meet her characters in an excerpt.

What has been the most persistent and troubling obstacle on your journey so far? 

Not troublesome, but I have a pretty demanding full-time job managing a national program. There are certain times in the year that are just impossible to concentrate on my writing. I’ve accepted this and now set realistic goals for word count, editing and promotion during these busier months. I dream of the day I can retire and write full-time, although that’s many years away!

You mention that ­­­­­­­­­­your ‘day’ job has been a stumbling block towards going where you want on this journey.  What have been the perks, the rewards, the kicks in the proverbial pants that keep you moving on anyway?

Simply the idea that somewhere in the world someone may be reading my book that they either purchased or checked out at a library always puts things in perspective and makes me happy.

Destination Wedding sounds like crazy fun to me—identical twins on their way to one’s wedding, a mix-up—and a kiss!—ensue and the rest is a romp in paradise that everyone can love.  How were the characters for Destination born?

I wanted to write about handsome twins and mistaken identity.  I love all of my secondary characters, too. Drew’s fiancée, Lauren and Kate’s assistant, Miles, are two of my favorites. It’s a romantic comedy and some of the funniest lines are by Miles.

I think that many of us who aren’t twins share a fascination with twins.  Your hot and successful twins, Luke and Drew, are not going to lessen that interest a bit!  Do you know twins, have them in your family—or?

Sadly, I really don’t know any twins well. Writing Luke and Drew wasn’t hard. I knew that I wanted them to be complete opposites but both good and likeable men at their core. Since its release, I’ve had a number of comments about Drew’s happy ending. That’s been my biggest surprise. Of course, I’m delighted that readers loved Drew just as much as I do . . . although, what he did on the beach with Kate still has me shaking my head, and I wrote it!

Can we anticipate Drew and Lauren having their own destination in a future story?

Drew’s begging for it! He recently had words for me on the Crimson Romance blog. I tease him that maybe the next title will be Shotgun Wedding!

Writers all set out on their respective writers’ roads with hope, courage, and determination.  Some get farther than others.  Some are never sure where they’re going, but figure they’ll know when they get there.  Where do you think you’re going, if you know, and how would you judge your progress?

I enjoy writing romantic comedy, and I’ll continue to write as long as I have funny stories to share. This isn’t a popular answer, but for me this is a hobby and a lot of fun.

Please share something personal and important to you that I didn’t know to ask—about your writing, life—whatever would mean the most for you to tell us at this moment in your journey.

For aspiring authors find a mentor and surround yourself with people you trust to offer their knowledge and support. Romance authors are known for being supportive, but don’t be surprised if you run up against pettiness and jealousy by other authors along the way. Shake it off and keep writing. On social media, always be professional and think twice before you divulge too much. You never know how you’re being perceived.

Robyn, thank you so much!  I think your advice on finding mentors is extremely important to those who want to pursue writing as a hobby or a career. I suspect our readers are eager to meet all your characters, and look forward to spending a little time in paradise with them!   I want to thank all of you who stopped by, and remind you that you can find out more about Robyn and Destination Wedding on the Rio Round Up page.

Destination Wedding

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4 thoughts on “This Writer’s Road: Robyn Neeley

  1. Great post! I also struggle time, writing and working a full-time job. Luckily we love it enough to do it. 😉 My hubby is a twin, btw. Can’t wait to read this story!


    1. Melinda, thanks for stopping by! So you married a twin! I don’t know why I’ve always thought the twin relationship held a special mystique, but I used to ask my mother regularly why she didn’t want twins–she had 7 of us! 🙂


  2. Robyn says:

    Thanks Melinda and thanks for having me Leslie!


    1. We enjoyed your visit, Robyn. Hope you’ll come back further down the road!


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