Game Over?

Think of your loved ones, especially loved ones serving their country around the world.  Think of the pain of losing someone, even to natural death–then the more horrible idea of having someone tortured and killed.  And as unbearable as the pain is–imagine a callous government administration creating a fabric of lies and deception, and dismissing your loved one’s death as “not optimal.”
Physical, absolute proof of e-mails have been released showing that President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Secretary of Defense met while the Benghazi attack was underway.  They were receiving real time updates, phone calls, and electronic communications while the assault continued over several hours.  The terrorist attack–proudly trumpeted by Al Qaeda on social media–took the lives of not one, but four Americans.  Four Americans who had family, were loved by others, who had requested protection but continued to serve their country even as they documented their precarious positions.

Meanwhile, the administration and the State Department–also following the events in real time that included phone and video–did nothing.  Did not use the drone flying overhead observing, didn’t scramble planes and at least pretend they would try to rescue the embassy staff–they did nothing.
Until the Americans were dead, tortured and murdered by terrorists.

And then President Obama lied about the cause and went to Las Vegas.  Four dead Americans aren’t “optimal”, but hey–life goes on.

While mainstream journalists escoriated Romney for saying the attack was outrageous–which clearly was an understatement–no one suggested the President might stay on the job in Washington and forget the election for a couple of hours.

When he, Secretary Clinton, and Ambassador Rice lied–over and over again–about not knowing the cause, or worse, the outrage being over a film, and while Muslim ‘leaders’ called on the U. S. to curb free speech–they all knew.  They all knew it was a terror attack by radical Muslims associated with Al Qaeda.

They had received that information during the hours of bloodshed that took the lives of four Americans.

And yet–they saw fit to lie, ignore, mislead.

With physical copies of much of the communication likely to be released tomorrow, it will be interesting to see which media outlets provide proof positive of the Administration’s deception and which media outlets continue to be tools of an Administration whose behavior is beyond belief.

If, God forbid, you lost someone in service to his or her country–the pain would be unbearable.  What if the government of the country your loved one served simply swept his sacrifice under the rug for political expediency?  Denied knowing the how or why of the attack?

To paraphrase poet Langston Hughes in his “A Dream Deferred,” how long are the raisins planted by this arrogant and incompetent administration going to fester?  Those Americans deserved better, and so do the millions of Americans here who had such dreams and expectations for an administration of “hope and change.”

Given the implications of the Benghazi cover up, the President should give straight forward answers immediately–and it should be game over for him on Election Day.

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