Return to Rio


     Violet James, America’s Sweetheart, worked hard in a scary profession to become the world’s best known–and most loved–actress in Hollywood.  Maybe even the world.  But after a man professes his love, marries her, and leaves her bed for another woman–for the second time–the resulting scorn and ridicule from the press is more than even the girl from East Tennessee can endure.  When long-time friend and former actor Avery Lofton encourages her to visit Austin, she flees Los Angeles, trying to escape a growing conviction that she will never find real love.

Ensconced in Hotel Serenity, a private “boutique” hotel catering to the rich and famous, and owned by hotel magnate Sophie Carlisle (of A Texas Chance), Violet wants only peace and solitude.  For a day or two anyway–then she finds herself missing public interaction.  She agrees to attend a birthday party for Sophie’s friend Jenna, aware that she might knock a guest or two to his knees–she has that effect on men.

So when VICTAF cop JD Cameron turns the table and bumps into her–literally–the meeting is memorable.

Committed ladies’ man JD has a reputation as drop-dead gorgeous–and dead serious about his undercover work for the special Austin crime unit.  His latest case is his most gruesome–breaking up a sex-trafficking ring where the young women and girls being sold into slavery end up dead if they dare protest their fate.  Sickened by the horror and driven to end it, JD will do anything–even lie to beautiful Violet James–when he finds out that Avery Lofton’s ritzy club launders money for the traffickers.

The unlikely couple are drawn to each other–but JD’s investigation deepens as he suddenly must determine not only Avery Lofton’s involvement–but whether or not Violet herself  has any stake in the crime.

Like all of the McAllister/Montalvo books I’ve read–ok, like all Brashear books I’ve read–this one packs an emotional wallop you don’t forget.  Sexual interludes between Violet and JD sizzle, but love is evident in the humor sustaining their unlikely relationship.

Suspense-laden and head-shaking good, On His Honor is a wonderful story that stands alone but will have you waiting for youngest MacAllister Jenna’s story a little anxiously.

(Author’s note:  To those who have followed the MacAllisters and Montalvos, you will enjoy the meticulous return of family and how skillfully even friends are woven into the central unit.  Jenna’s story is out in June…and then…?  Children grow up…)

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