Return to Rio: South Texas from the Heart

Stories abound in deep South Texas, along the fabled Rio Grande, in the ranch country that surrounds Laredo, and among the folks who have lived in the area for centuries or who are just passing through.

South Texas becomes home easily, and escaping it often becomes impossible—or not anything a body wants to do.

I know that, because when I moved here forty odd years ago, I wasn’t staying—but now, I’m here forever, and I know it.

La Llorona, duendes, el amor y la mùsica—Spanish and English become one, and the stories meld and become their own kind of music, their own tribute to the borderlands and the people who call them home.

Thanks for dropping in. Sit down and hear a story or two. I’m not going anywhere—and when I write South Texas, I write it from the heart.

Her Borrowed Angel

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